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Coaching Services

Advance your health with wellness and movement techniques. NamasJade partners with clients to implement lifestyle changes to improve physical and mental health. Providing customized services for all clients to assist with discovering their best self.  By supporting self-discovery and promoting accountability, your journey to overcome challenges starts here.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Certified health coaching allowing advancement to lifestyle changes. Supporting healthy habits to reach wellness goals with authenticity and 

helping move past barriers to start living life to the fullest.


These services include:

Meditation Techniques for Stress Management 

Affirmations and Mindfulness Building

Breathing Strategies to De-Escalate Anxiety

Guidance to Healthy Eating

Yin Yoga/ Restorative Yoga

Athletic Development Coaching

Building the best athletes and performers on and off the field. Enriching the lives of those who compete and endure stress at high levels. 


These services include:

Meditation Techniques for Stress Management

Yoga for Athletic Recovery

Breathing Strategies for Performance Anxiety

Flexibility Enhancement

Injury Prevention and Recovery Techniques

Affirmations for Competition

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