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Corporate Wellness

Supporting healthy lifestyles and behaviors to create a healthy culture in the workplace. Building resilience, efficiency, and engagement, by encouraging wellness techniques. 

Creating a Healthy Workplace

NamasJade assists with cultivating workplaces that support healthy and empowered employees. These wellness workshops use techniques to transform corporate culture that encourage employees to live healthier lives. Tools for stress management, mindfulness, and movement, can transform the mental and emotional health of employees. Corporate wellness promotes productivity, job satisfaction, boosts team morale, and creates healthy habits that contributes to an active lifestyle. 

NamasJade's Corporate Wellness Services Include:

Meditation Techniques for Stress Management

Affirmations and Mindfulness Building

Goal Setting and Achieving It

Breathing Strategies to De-Escalate Anxiety

Work Life Balance Techniques

Leadership Wellness

Yin Yoga/ Restorative Yoga

Corporate Wellness Retreats

Speaking Engagements

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