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Online Studio Sessions

What you'll get with a NamasJade membership.

Plus, monthly added videos and tips for recovery and performance. 

Dynamic Warmups

Increases blood flow and develops the muscle groups to prevent injury.

Restore & Recovery

Promotes the recovery of muscles, to assist with soreness, release tension and lengthens muscles.

Yoga with Straps

Stretches with straps for better control and to achieve a wide range of motion.

Muscle Group Specific

Develops body mechanics while promoting balance and enhances mobility.

Breathing & Meditation

Techniques to reduce tension, develop mental focus and improve endurance.

Monthly Live Yoga

Live monthly yoga session targeting full-body deep stretching and meditation.

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  • Online Yoga Studio

    Every month
    On-demand sessions for athletes and performers of all levels
    • Unlimited Online Studio Sessions
    • Breathing Techniques & Meditation
    • Live Monthly Yoga Session
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