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Frequently Asked Questions

How is NamasJade online studio different?

NamasJade yoga fitness is created for athletes and performers, by an athlete. The experience provided focuses on athletic recovery, injury prevention and develops skills to help those reach their peak performance. 

How does my membership work?

Memberships are billed monthly. An automatic payment of $19.99, is charged to the payment on file. You have access to all video content, newly uploaded videos and a monthly live session. New videos are updated monthly.  

Why is there no music on the videos?

Your studio session is personal to your needs. NamasJade sessions guide you through the postures and provides an open space for those who prefer a meditative experience. Your choice of music can be added to any video. NamasJade also provides a recommended playlist via Apple Music. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel any time after your first month. Email for any cancellations or questions about memberships.

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