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Health & Wellness Coaching

Providing wellness techniques to heal and inspire clients to transition into healthy lifestyles.


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Online Yoga Studio

The body is pushed to the limit and mental fatigue can start to kick in without the proper tools to manage it.

NamasJade can provide the following benefits to assist with competing and performance at the highest level:

  • Enhances Recovery

  • Prevents Injury

  • Creates Body Awareness

  • Teaches Mental Focus

  • Develops Body Mechanics

  • Improves Endurance

  • Promotes Balance

  • Controls Breathing


NamasJade Specialties

Stress Management
Body Awareness
Functional Movement
Breathing Techniques
Athletic Recovery/ Injury Prevention

Providing customized services for all clients to assist with discovering their best healthy self. 

Client Reviews

“I can feel myself recover faster. And when I run, my muscles warm up faster. The sessions really help me focus and sharpen my mind.”


Former Basketball Player

"Jade helps me understand the connection between my body and my mind, and how it can translate to baseball at a competitive level."


Collegiate Baseball Player

"Jade is an exceptional practitioner that has beautiful energy. She is professional and enthusiastic. All of the retreat participants love her!"


Wellness Therapist

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